The Truth of Cats

lex luther

      Once upon a time there was this small skinny kid named Kobe and his two brothers Cj and Chris. Kobe’s   mom is always mean to Kobe loves to play basketball he wants to be on the team with his brothers but his brothers and everyone on the team says he’s not good and he’s to small. His brother Cj is six foot and his other brother Jordan is the best of the three. Kobe doesn’t have any shoes so he goes and asks his mom if he can get a pair of basketball shoes .Kobe wishes he could be on the basketball team but he has no shoes. So one day Kobe decides he going to design his own shoes they are purple and gold the color of the team’s uniform He put the shoes on and they fitted perfectly. Earlier that day Kobe’s brothers were getting ready for the championship game and the brothers told Kobe to make sure he finishes his chores and there chores. So when the brothers left Kobe change in to his uniform and put his shoes on he went to the game nobody recognized him. The game started Kobe scored 81 points the best record ever in high school basketball. Kobe went home but he left his basketball shoes there. There was an NBA sponsor and he picked up his basketball shoes and said whoever fits in these shoes will be on the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA. Jordan said let me try them on Jordan try them on but couldn’t get his foot in the shoe. CJ tried the middle child his foot was also too big for the little shoe then as the coach was about to leave he said hey kid try these on so Kobe did and they fitted perfectly to his feet. Kobe then became a legend and for his two brothers they served him and did his chores. The two brothers never made it to the NBA.   The smallest one out of the three did and he became a legend nobody ever forgot the name Kobe Bryant after that amazing night.
Size doesn’t matter if you got the talented for that particular thing and work hard at it and never quit or let someone tell you that you can’t do...