The Truth About Forever by Judy Blume

The Truth about Forever
The Truth about Forever I think was a great book I was basically addicted to it for the four days that it took me to read it.   It is an adolescent book and it is definitely a girl story.   The book is about perfection and how this teen girl cares about appearance and her behavior.   I love how this book kind of relates to teenage girls in that sort of way. In some ways I don’t think she is like a lot of the teenage girls these days because they don’t worry about taking risks in reality.
Macy didn’t ever take risks and she was known as the girl that lost her dad. She was always hurt by it and her and her mother couldn’t move on. She had her whole summer planned out; study for the SATs, work at the library, and help her mom set up for the townhouse opening.   Macy meets a boy named Wes over the summer that was totally different and didn’t fit her life at all. Macy was all about school and making sure that she didn’t disappoint anyone; but all of that changed once she met Wes.
I really liked this book it is going to be hard to think of a negative. It was interesting and it didn’t have one boring part. The book was a great book and I think that a lot of it relates to the girls in high school.   Such as the relationship parts in it; like how she was shy around boys. There’s always the boy that girls can totally let their guard down around and that’s what Wes was to Macy.  
The book didn’t have many negative parts to me but a lot of girls don’t stay home and study for the summer. That’s the only negative, I like when you can completely connect to the book but in this way I couldn’t.   Otherwise I really enjoyed reading The Truth about Forever. Wes sort of got her to live a little unlike her ex boyfriend who was more quiet and addicted to school.
I would definitely recommend this book to the girls in my class, if they are into a kind of romantic book. I am interested in like every book so I would probably recommend any book I read. It...