The True Strength of a Country

TOPIC: ISSUE105 - "The true strength of a country is best demonstrated by the willingness of its government to tolerate challenges from it's own citizens."

When talking about the determinant of the strength of a country, the common good of it will firstly be considered. Therefore, I agree with assertion to some degree that only through reasonably accepting and properly providing response towards the challenges from the public, can the true strength of a country ultimately be achieved.

Just like what the prior U. S. president had mentioned, a country should exist at the basis of its public. That is, to build a society of the people, by the people and for the people. Only through achieving the general welfare can the country mostly obtain its stability and consistency. People are fundamentally indispensable in achieving the country's objectives, such as prosperity, well-educated and industrialization.

However, no one can deny the fact that citizens contend a various kind of perspective, attitude and other understanding towards social issues and other problems. So, how can a society guarantee its stability and efficiency in addressing such problems without sacrificing the individual interest of the public? Since it is a stickler problem for all governments, the significance of searching for a proper solution will always be the goal. When establishing a new regulation or policy, some governments unfortunately pretend to hear no voice from the public to avoid such controversy or certain opposite response. Sometimes they do so to pretend to obtain uniform and self-satisfaction. This obviously self-cheating strategy will undoubtedly result in severer dissertation, less efficiency in reinforcement and a great loss of trust from the public. If so, not only the problem has been hampered in working out an opportune solution, but also government itself will be alienated by his citizens.

So how to make a balance between effective establishment of new policy and...