The Trombone


This essay is about a particular brass Instrument called the Trombone, and why it is one of the best instruments to have ever been made and who the famous people are who have ever played it, and even the best bands to play it with, what music style they tend to play in, and famous quotes.

The Trombone belongs to the brass family, it can reach both the high and the low notes, but it usually referred as one of the bottom end of the spectrum in the brass family, as there is a lot higher end instruments and the Trombone is an unusual instrument to play and is one of the very few instruments that can do slurs really easily. The trombone is a long instrument as it can have a slide and instead of valves and key holes, which basically means that the trombone player has to remember where the positions are, and where is the best place to play the note so it won’t be sharp or flat. The Trombone name is actually an Italian name for the instrument and the actually name for it in English is actually Sackbut and in German it is Posaune, the word Trombone actually means “Trumpet or large Trumpet“. In the current times the trombone can come in five different ranges, these ranges are: soprano, alto, tenor, bass and contrabass, so very high, high, low, very low, and very deep. Originally the Trombone was used to support the vocalist in the church music, this was done till the mid 19th century, the composeer Gluck, Gossec and   Mozart all used the trombone as a to make their music spiritual or a supernatural feeling. In the Mid 19th century bigger bells sizes were the rage and composers started to rely heavily on teh trombone for bigger volume and produced a greater range of emotion expressing heroism, babarism, relgious fervor and the spectacle of   sheer volume for its own sake.   The different style of music that this partical instrument can perform in is Jazz, Classical, some styles of Rock.

The most well know people who have ever played the trombone are J. J....