The Three Little Pigs

This is the story of the three Little Pigs. It all started when Mama Pig decided it was time for her sons to move out of their comfortable environment. They had to find their own pad or stall or whatever these youngsters call home. Two out of the three pigs are trouble makers and the third pig whose name is Holy Pig, is righteous. Let’s see how Holy Pig can win over his brothers and bring them to the Christ Pig for salvation, not starvation. They are in for a real treat. Holy pig only wants to save them from the Great Tempter, but they see things differently.
    This made the first little pig, Dopey, very angry. He didn’t like it very well that he would have to make it on his own. He had been hanging around a rather odd duck; his name is Donald. They have been smoking some weed. Well, he went to his drug dealer and asked him if he could get a whole truck load of pot leaves so he could build his house. The man said, “Sure but it’ll never last. You will either smoke it up or Beelzebub will try to come take what you have.” He said, “No, Beelzebub doesn’t scare me. He’s my buddy; we hang together you know. The more trouble the better. He loves me. He calls me Pothead. Isn’t that cool! He loved me enough to give me an awesome nickname.”
    Well, the other brother, Bud Light, thought he would build his house out of beer bottles. He has such a nice collection and has had a lot of practice with stacking them. So, he thought all he would have to do is stick some tobacco in between the bottles after it was chewed. This would surely hold them together. After he drank about twenty more beers, he was feeling kind of yucky. That is when his good old friend Beelzebub decided to show up and try to encourage him to drink even more so he would get his house done quicker. “Well,” Bud thought, “ok why not? It won’t hurt anything because I would like to finish my awesome little glass house.” So, Bud Light’s brother, Holy pig, came over to see how his house was coming along.   Bud...