The Texas Veterans Bills Program

Bill S.B. 34
The Texas Women Veterans Program
Summary: would establish the Texas Women Veterans Program to address the specific needs of women veterans. (News Release from State Senator Judith Zaffirini) This policy would provide specific programs designed to address the needs of female veterans. These programs would include issues such as military sexual trauma, healthcare issues, and other psychological barriers to reintegration. The program will also provide individual counseling, program support and employment assistance this program may also provides services to children of veterans.
According to the Department of Veteran Affairs, Advisory committee on Women Veterans report 2010. In 1982 Senator Daniel Inouye conducted a study and reported that action was needed to insure that Female Veterans would have equal access to VA benefits. The report stated that women treated in VA facilities did not receive equal care, and where not informed of their benefits under that law. While pamphlets, poster, and publications where provided to service women veterans and their eligibility for VA services were developed Congress revisited the issue in 1987. Women Veterans testified to congress that while progress was being done they expressed concern on the consistency of health care that where being provided at VA facilities.
In 1989 the advisory committee on women’s Veterans began site visits to VA facilities, after two years A GAO report along with Congressional hearings made law The Veterans Health Care Act of 1992. It stated that women’s health would include specific provisions to include Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and care for the aftermath of sexual trauma associated with military duty will be provided. In 1994 Secretary Jesse Brown established the Women Veterans Program Office and appointed Joan Furey as Executive Director. The Center for Women Veterans was created by Congress under Public Law 103-446 and The National Center for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder...