The Tent

Just as the sun was beginning to rise on a warm summer morning, there appeared the silhouette of a small tent on the outskirts of the village. While the birds chirped, the villagers murmured amongst themselves, trying to come up with an explanation for their new neighbour. This tent had never been seen before and no one dared to go remotely close to it for they feared that danger lurked in the distance. The villagers were suspicious as to why anyone would set up camp so close to their village because they were located in a very isolated part of the forest, far away from the main road.
When the sun was at its highest point in the sky, one villager decided that he had to find out why the strange tent had been set up so close to their village. This villager was not well liked by the other villagers because all he cared about was himself.
As he ventured nearer, he saw no signs of life. There was an intoxicating aroma that surrounded the tent, the smell of meat being cooked. The villager kept his distance, staying out of sight. Suddenly, an old mysterious man emerged from the tent. He was dressed in a bizarre fashion. The colour of his strange robes were a colour that could only be seen on flowers.
There is no way this man could be a threat to the village, he thought. He is too small and frail to do any harm, this man must be a meat merchant. Yes, that would explain the smell.
The villager approached the mysterious man from the tent.
“Hello.” said the mysterious man.
“Hello,” replied the villager. “You must be a traveling merchant, I could smell your meat from far away.”
“Why yes I am.”
“What kind of meat do you sell?”
“Only the rarest of meats. The animals I hunt are the most dangerous predators in all the land. Luckily, these creatures are extremely greedy and fall for my traps.”
“Which animals do you speak of?”
“It is a surprise.”
“May I taste some?”
“Why of course,” said the mysterious man with a sinister grin on his face.
The villager proceeded...