The Tell Tail Heart

Edgar Allan Poe has got such a talent that no one else possesses. He makes the story exciting and keeps the reader focus on the beginning to the end without guessing the conclusion. In a lot of his complicated and dreadful stories, “The tell tale heart” can be known as the best mysterious and attracting work. The story success not only demonstrates the sensation and action through the series of complicated mental process but also reflect the sensitivity of common people.
The themes of “Tell tale heart” make the audience hard to image the background of story. Everything is still ambiguous and dark. He gives enough details for reader in order to guessing through the series of complicated mental process and actions of murderer. He describes clearly about murderer’s chaotic state of mind which is increased more and more. Through, He relate to the sensitivity of common people. In my paper, I will analyze the literature style and word usage; we will point out the specific sensation and action of murderer and relate to the sensitivity of common people.
To reach the objectives mentioned above, in this paper, the answers for three following research questions will be analyzed.
  1. What is the specific reason to kill the old man?
  2. Why does he have to wait a long time to kill the old man?
  3. Why does the murderer admit his guilt at the end of the story
  A. METHOD OF STUDY            
In order to reach the research objectives, I use the method library research. I will collect the information from the internet and from the text book. I will combine my own words with the idea which I collect from the internet. Therefore, I give the specific reason to demonstrate the ideas which I focus on.

  B. LITARARY REVIEW            
Since it was published in 1843, it received a lot of criticism from the Critics. Some of them...