The Teaching Role

The Teaching Role
Tutor: PTLLS   Rachel Whiteley
Student/Author: Laura Harris
Word Count:3208

Review own role and responsibilities and boundaries of own role as a teacher.
Teachers are expected to fulfill many and various roles regardless of their specific learning environment.   In more recent times the role of the teacher has morphed from one of a simple information giver to a learning manager (Reddy 2003).   Some accepted roles of a teacher are those of one to one tutor, record keeper, inductor and supervisor.   Responsibilities may include the following, and more: Duty of care for your learners, following professional values and ethics, being an appropriate role model, preparing delivery material and referring learners to other organisations as appropriate (Gravells 2008, p10).   Also in Gravells (2008) it is stated that:
The key purpose of the teacher is to create effective and stimulating opportunities for learning through high quality teaching that enables the development and progression of all learners.(Gravells 2008 p3)

I am a voluntary sector Project Coordinator and I help to manage contracts with mostly small voluntary sector organisations who deliver learning and personal development projects.   I also go out to organisations and monitor projects and will, in future, be delivering training on Equality and Diversity to companies as part of a Capacity Building Project.   This means I will be teaching adults who work for our partners   and my teaching role will depend on the individual session.   Some of my key responsibilities will be to keep accurate records of training sessions that partners attend as these will affect their status as delivery partners.   I will also need to be professional, this is a personal as well as professional responsibility, in that I personally want to come across as professional but I am also representing my company.   Part of this professionalism will include detailed session planning to ensure that appropriate material is...