The Taste of Water: Play Review

Play Review: The Taste of Water
By: Dheevya Sathiaseelan

I had the pleasure of seeing The Taste of Water which was performed at the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre located in Sentul, on Sunday the 12th of July 2015. The set was a refreshing replica of a room complete with white furniture and a kitchen. The play was written by Calvin Wong who has written short plays and The Taste of Water is his first full length play. The play is about what it is like to be young in Malaysia where it is the never-ending balancing act between finding ourselves and trying to get somewhere in life, wherever that actually is.
This play is about two girls who are roommates, who are studying Mass Comm at Monash University Sunway. The play starts with Lily Tan (Ho Lee Ching) welcoming her new roommate, Janet Tan (Rosheen Fatima) to their apartment. They develop a friendship and it is known that Janet has a boyfriend studying in London. The story unfolds more when Janet tells Lily about her pregnancy. Things get more heated when Janet’s mother, Mrs Tan (Safia Hanifah) comes to visit. It is also revealed that Lily is gay and has a girlfriend, whose name is Caprice (Nur Zakuan). The rest of the play is about how the three of them overcome the issues around their relationships and what happens to them as the situation gets more intense.
One of the reasons this play worked is because it was something that was believable. This is seen quite a few times throughout the play. The actors portrayed their roles well and emoted well when needed. The play takes us through the lives of Janet and Lily in the duration of one year. Their friendship and relationships are tested and they face the struggles of living on their own, far from their families. Ho Lee Ching as Lily Tan deserves a special mention as she did justice to her character. She made her character come to life, from the beginning of the play to end, where she was seated on the chair, abandoned by her girlfriend and housemate and left...