The Talent Show

Mandi Urell
Ms. Zupancic
English 3/Period 4
12 May 2010
The Talent Show
The feel the bright warm stages lights against my face.   I see the audience sitting restlessly, waiting for me to start.   It seemed as though the microphone and stand was moving father and farther away with every step I took towards it.   My hand starts to shake as I pick up the cold microphone.   The touch of it made me feel   like I was holding my death sentence.   I tapped it to make sure it was working.   A crackling noise rang around the room loudly.  
“The song I will be singing is Everything’s Coming up Roses.” I said quietly
I was so nervous to sing on the stage in front of my peers, I felt my heart would explode.   I hear a song start to come out scratchy and hard to identity through the century old sound equipment. Quickly I realize it’s my song and I need to start singing before I look stupid for just standing on the stage doing nothing.   Suddenly I realized I forgot the song and instead a hundred others started racing through my mind at once.   I felt like all the blood had left my body in a matter of three seconds.   I opened my mouth and then the song started to come out of nowhere. At first I didn’t realize that it was me singing!   After finishing the song I felt like I floated off stage.   Coming off the stage, I was so excited and had so much adrenaline, I felt like I could run to China and back!   I still had the taste of accomplishment in my mouth as I headed back to my seat in the audience.   It was so scary singing on stage in front of so many students!
Once I’m finally seated, my opponent, Kaitlyn walks on stage.   She doesn’t look the slightest bit nervous.  
With a loud and confident voice she says “I will be singing Popular from the Broadway show Wicked.”
She sang the song beautifully.   My mouth literally dropped as I heard her sing and saw the typed of emotion and feeling she put into the song.   She was amazing.   There was no way I had any chance of winning now....