The Tails of New Technology

The tails of new technology
  In recent years, due to the growth of technological innovations, life seems to be more efficient and fascinating, and people can try mass of things they have never thought before. New technologies like the shinning stars which attracted every thirsty eyeball. However, when we enjoy the benefits from those developments, we always omit a common sense--- every coin has two sides---and we usually concentrate on the head but ignore the tails. Once we realize the significance of those flaws, we have been more or less perverted by the side-effect of technology, and paid the price of advance.
  Many problems concerning technology occur.
  Firstly, people become idiots when system down. The black screen might make your headache, but it will cause real disaster to some affairs, because those massive manuals can not be understudied by every user immediately. In these years, system mistakes made more than 60 million people pay the wrong taxes in Britain, which embarrassed the latest machine. If there is also a little bug in aircraft navigation, which will lead collapse of system, it will not only be the face problem. People have lost the minds to do things by themselves, and just relied on machine-readable only.
  Secondly, technological upheaval doubtless gives free rein to the arrogance of human. In the beginning, we invented many perfect toys to fight for survive. However, when we achieved our purposes, we took extremely pride on finishing the accomplishment. Hence, we gradually lost the regards for the nature, and overvalued our abilities but underestimated the punishment. GM food was regarded as the best technology to against famine by millions of scientists, but few people realized that it might also become Frankenstein food by the hardly noticeable rate of producing fatal toxic materials. We have ambition that we have conquered the earth and next would be the final frontier. What we imagine was, nevertheless, a wishful thinking. The...