The Strangers Advice Creative Writing

The stranger’s advice

Emma remembered her father’s famous words, Human beings, like plants grow in the soil of acceptance, not in the atmosphere of rejection.’ She struggled to understand why she couldn’t find that soil to grow in. She had never been accepted and the only word stuck in her thoughts was ‘why.’ Emma thought of her character, would her attitude be the problem, or her appearance, or did she just have an unbearable personality,
Emma felt like a confused child, and couldn’t quite figure out why she was a twenty two year old with nothing to belong to. As she walked up the stairs to her bottom level apartment in the suburbs, she felt rejected, isolated and displaced in the world. She stepped into her room, sat near her window and stared, stared at the roads, parks, buildings, and people and at everything her eyes could see. As she stared she thought again, why?
The world was full of opportunities and acceptance but she couldn’t see them, and worst of all, she couldn’t feel them for herself.
Emma’s phone vibrated, she stared and read the message sent to her by her only close friend,
‘Don’t forget, my house for the drinks tonight.’
Emma ignored the message, not willing to go anywhere or do anything where she’d be forced to interact with people. Earlier that day Emma’s third request for a job promotion was rejected and this put her in no mood for socializing as her job rejection opened up wounds of her past and reminded her of the earlier times where she’d been rejected, either by boys she’d asked out, or friends she’d try to make. Emma put on her coat and stormed outside her, Emma did not know what she was about to do, clueless about her own actions.
As Emma walked rapidly to no specific destination and breathed heavily, the cold winter’s air, she crossed into the poorer side of town and continued to walk hastily to no destination without any idea what she was doing walking in an area with a bad criminal reputation. Emma crossed into a narrow...