The Story of Tom Brennan, Terry Terrific. Into the World

New phases and experiences can be exciting but challenging for the individuals involved, they encounter different ways by which they develop new stages of experience of which each individual reacts to uniquely. These personal experiences may result in growth, change, or other consequences. Texts that shape our knowledge, attitudes and beliefs about individuals venturing into new experiences have the capacity to alter the audience's worldview.
In The Story of Tom Brennan by J.C. Burke, Tom experiences different emotions and situations as a single change can act as a catalyst to alter one's worldview and help them to transition. The text reveals the importance of developing relationships and accepting the transition of change.
Darkness is used throughout the novel to depict a state of despair. The family fled Mumbilli close to dawn when the silhouettes of the house could be seen. Tom, who didn't like living at his grandmother's house, surveys his room only to see that the palette is full of browns and dark colours.
J.C. Burke uses first person to capture the emotions of Tom by using vernacular language which lends reality to the situation. The reader can hear Tom's pain and confusion through his strong and clear voice, struggling to find a way back. This technique brings an immediacy and rawness that makes the story all the more powerful.
The deliberate use of evocative language denotes powerful emotions of loss, shame, regret, confusion, frustration and alienation, "my insides were being ripped apart." The narration by the protagonist Tom accurately captures the realistic confusion with which young people confront the prospect of change.
Through this text we learn that one must develop a mature perspective in preparation of a transition into a new world. It is important to overcome the difficulties experienced with the emotional transition in order to experience the complete experience.
This and the media production Terry Terrific reveals that strength...