The Story of Nikki Hale

History of Nikki Hale

      Nikki Hale was born in Arizona into a wealthy family where all that she desired was given to her, she had absolutely everything she wanted and always took things for granted. Being the daughter of Charles Hale had its spoils, a very very rich man owner of a law firm and a very successful lawyer himself. It allowed her the access into best clubs, bars, and even schools – what a fair share of money doesn’t do. On her eighteenth birthday after her father had won a case against a famous murderer in town, her mother was assassinated before her own eyes by the killer’s thugs. From that point on her life was never the same; her father was less present than he used to be, as a workaholic he found comfort and seclusion as he did not wish to be reminded of his wife’s death. One night Nikki watched her father walk through the door late at night, extremely drunk, and with a prostitute, that was when she realized she had had enough of that chaotic life of lies and loneliness, she packed her cigarettes, her clothes, her Zippo, her jewelry, a few personal things and a couple thousand dollars she saved for college, onto an old suitcase.
      She ran away in her yellow Porsche which eventually ran out of fuel in the middle of her getaway thus had to be left behind. As she made her way through the empty route she found herself lost, cold, and hungry. Her journey in search for food and shelter led her to a trashy city with a sign full of dust, bullet wholes and burnt marks which merely read “Welcome to Hathian”. As she made her way through dark alleys gangsters stared at her smirking and grinning, policemen arrested drug dealers and women sold themselves, it was definitely a reality in which she was not used to.
      Dirty and tired she finally approached a Burger store where she had her first meal in days, realizing the condition she was in nearly made her regret the decision to leave home. Speaking to the cashier at the burger she got directions...