The Story of Joseph

The story of Joseph and his brothers involves a great misdeed committed in a family and the forgiveness that eventually followed. Their story is similar to stories of families today because of hatred, jealousy, and favoritism that exist in our families. Destruction will come if we don’t have a close walk with God as did Joseph.
Joseph was born to Jacob and Rachel. He was one of twelve sons born to Jacob, but the first born of Rachel, later Rachel gave birth to his brother Benjamin. Jacob was estimated to be ninety-one years old when Joseph was born. Being of old and it is believed that Joseph spent a great deal of his time with his father, and learned the word of God and to be steadfast in his belief. Because Jacob and Joseph spent so much time together, a strong love developed between them and so Joseph became Jacob’s favorite. This   became a big problem for Joseph, his brothers hated him. The jealousy increased when Jacob gave Joseph a cloak of many colors. Fueling the hatred, Joseph would tell of his dreams, especially the one that revealed he would be an important person someday. The brothers were so full of anger that they plotted to kill him, but decided to throw him into a pit and leave him,   not wanting to be responsible for his murder.
Shortly after throwing him in the pit, a caravan of Ishmaelite traders came by and they sold Joseph into slavery for 20 pieces of silver. The brothers took the coat of many colors and ripped it up and put animal blood on it to make it look like he was killed by wild animals. Jacob had an enormous amount of grief when he seen the shredded coat. He mourned for a long time.
People are still the same after hundreds of years, they try to hide their sin.
            Joseph became a slave in the land of Egypt to an officer by the name of Potiphar. Because of   Joseph’s Christ-like integrity and hard work, Potiphar took a liking to him and made Joseph his personal attendant. Until one day when Potiphar’s wife tried to seduce...