The Story of an Hour

Free at Last
“The Story of An Hour”, is a short story written by Kate Chopin. This story represents a negative view of marriage by presenting readers with a woman, that is honestly overjoyed by her husband’s death. The main character in the story is a young woman named Mrs. Mallard, who was diagnosed with a heart condition. Mrs. Mallard had a sister named Josephine, who was very careful when she broke the news to Mrs. Mallard about her husband’s death, fearing that the news may affect her heart. As the story unfolds; it is an emotional rollercoaster. The story deals with real issues such as life, death, freedom and marriage. This story suggests that Mrs. Mallard was definitely in an unhappy and/or an abusive marriage. I think that Mrs. Mallard got married for all the wrong reasons. This story is full of ironic twists and situations that take place in one hour.
Mr. Mallard’s friend, Richards, read a newspaper article that said Mr. Mallard was killed in a train accident. Upon receiving the news that her husband was dead, Mrs. Mallard goes to a room alone and locks herself in. Josephine thought Mrs. Mallard locked herself in a room to grieve, when in all actuality, Mrs. Mallard did this to rejoice over the freedom that she longed for. Mrs. Mallard is obviously enthusiastic over her husband’s death but is very careful not to show this feeling. Just as Mrs. Mallard comes to terms with her husband’s death, he enters the room unharmed, and everyone is surprised. The reappearance of Mr. Mallard gives Mrs. Mallard such a shock that she dies “of joy that kills”. In a sense, joy did kill her because of her husband’s sudden appearance. The doctor believed that Mrs. Mallard died from the shock of her husband’s appearance; who was believed to be dead.
I believe that what actually killed her, was the fact that her joy had been robbed.   Mrs. Mallard’s feeling of freedom was far too much for her to return to the controlled life that she experienced with her husband. The sudden...