The Socialist Life of Upton Sinclair

Zach Braswell
Ms. Adams
  * English 11
  * 22 May 2014
  * The Socialist Life of Upton Sinclair Jr.
  * During the early 1900’s, America was in the mist of an industrial boom. A writer and novelist by the name of Upton Sinclair was in pursuit of changing the minds of Americans. Sinclair wanted to mold America’s ideals through the significant influences he had had imposed upon him during his life. Upton Sinclair was influenced the most by the Industrial Era, the Socialist Party, his rough childhood, and his time spent investigating.
  * Capitalism is an economy in which the trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit instead of by the state. Capitalism controlled the Industrial Era. The Industrial boon of the early 20th century was lead by money hungry private owner capitalist that disregarded the safety and the rights of their workers to insure that they made a strong profit. In the Chicago meat packing district, where immigrant workers were prevalent and just looking for any money they could find. (Robert W. Cherry) Upton Sinclair based his world famous novel The Jungle on a small immigrant family that had to deal with the struggles of poor conditions and little money to live off. (Robert W. Cherry) Sinclair’s novel exposed the flaws of the Industrial Era and what made so many Americans wealthy. (The Capitalist kept the cost of operations in the factories very low and the profits for the owners at a maximum.
  * People are driven the most by what they believe in. Upton Sinclair was a devote Socialist and a “Muckraker.” A Muckraker was a term first used by President Franklin Roosevelt and it referred to a group of writers who were reform minded and often influenced public opinion. Being a Socialist Upton Sinclair believed that Capitalism only benefited a few people. (Twentieth-Century American Literature)   Sinclair wanted the wealth to be held by the common workers who did all of the labor in the large factories....