The Single Winner

Angelina Wagoner
History Class
Step-by-step Attack Plan

Day 1:
Strategic delay is in effect.   1400 troops from Moaton's Hill move West towards Breed's Hill and the rail fence.   Boats north of Burial Hill are awaiting orders to move out. 3 warships on the eastern sea move closer inland.

Day 2:
The western-most boat transports 1200 soldiers through the crossway   and drops them off directly south of the American base in the northwest corner of the map.   2 of the 4 warships in the Eastern sea deploy 1600 troops just north of Charleston.   1 of the remaining warships remain at sea just east of Charlestown.   The forces that were moved West towards Breed's Hill split into two halves which one half prepares just north of Breed's Hill and one half prepares near the roadway of the rail fence.

Day 3:
The last warship carrying troops creeps up near shore.   Two warships position themselves on the shoreline and aim their cannons towards Breed's Hill.  

Attack Day:
Warships begin pounding Charlestown from the north drawing forces to meet with the 1600 troops positioned there.   Meanwhile, the British ship on the western coast opens fire on the Americans near Charlestown Neck.   1200 soldiers move north   to complete the assault.   While Charlestown is being attacked from the north, the 3rd warship below Charlestown deploys troops directly south and begin to tear through the settlement, flanking them from behind.   Once Charlestown is taken, warships aim their cannons towards Breed's Hill and begin firing.   The 1400 troops from Moaton's Hill swing around the rail fence on the road and attack the American forces there. Once the tide turns in British favor, 600 of the 1400 troops fighting around the rail fence break off and attack Breed's Hill. The troops that flanked Charlestown will be able to march directly towards Breed's Hill afterwards. After the fight near Bunker's Hill is over, the remaining 800 troops assist the siege of Breed's Hill. Eventually, all troops...