The Shinny Glow

Kameron Cimini (Writer)
Nikki Millsap (Editor)

The Shiny Glow
It was a normal school day like no other, with the sun shining bright and the sky as clear as blue as the water in the Caribbean and the trees dancing in the wind as if there is no tomorrow.   The kids all sit in the class impatiently waiting for that lunch bell to ring.
Then you hear “ding!!!” in a very drug out sound caused by the bell. All of a sudden kids come racing down the hall getting ready to go line up for lunch. After kids receive their lunch and finish eating they all go outside and play except for Kevin, James, and Bridget. As Kevin, James, and Bridget sit inside the cafeteria they here voice coming from inside the school kitchen. Then Kevin says “Let’s go check it out,” and as much as Bridget wants to see defends herself by saying “I don’t want to get in trouble guys,”   but of course James being the big bad guy of the group says “Ok then Bridget, Kevin and I will go check it out and leave you here all alone.”
So Kevin and James went to go check the kitchen out. Then, with a gasp of breath Kevin states “It is Mr. Arthur and Ms. Sue fighting,” James argues “There not fighting, here let me see,” as he pushes Kevin aside, he hears Mr. Arthur say that he is anti-Semitic and she should stop acting like such a Jew. “WOW, they are fighting. Let’s go get the principal.”
Kevin, James, and Bridget all leave the cafeteria in a rush. They arrived in the office out of breath so bad it seemed liked the wind was sucked out of them. Finally, James caught his breath and said “Principal Doland, Principal Doland!”  
“Yes James, what is the matter my dear boy?” Principal Doland responds.
“Ms. Sue and Mr. Arthur are fighting again in the cafeteria and we don’t know what it was about, but Mr. Arthur was calling her names like Jew,” Said James.
“Ok, I’ll go check it out, but it is time for you kids to get to recess, ok?” Principal Doland stated.
“Yes sir!” they answered in perfect harmony, but...