The Shining Houses

“What are you talking about?” Edith asked as she walked into the living room.
“Mrs. Fullerton’s house” Carl replied.
“Here we go again” said Mary Lou Ross as she too returned to the living room.
Mary knew where this was going, this one conversation seemed to be the one that interested everyone at the party and had been reoccurring at other neighborhood functions for awhile now.   Mary and most of the others in the neighborhood agreed with and supported the idea that something had to be done about the Fullerton property. It was an eye sore in their beautifully developed neighborhood.
“There must be something that can be done, at least those shacks.” Janie said
“Why do you all care so much, the poor woman has been living here long before us and this development. And those shacks house her chickens who make the eggs that you all seem to have no problem with.” Steve piped in.
Steve and his friend Carl were two of the few people in the neighborhood who did not agree with Mary and the others. Steve also was Edith’s wife; this was one matter that they defiantly did not agree upon. In fact it was putting a damper on their marriage, and everyone knew it.
“I have a problem with them; I stopped buying those eggs weeks ago. The supermarkets are cheaper anyways and who wants to endure that awful smell when they go to pick them up.” Edith said. She had no problem arguing with Steve in front of everyone.
“I agree, I too am going to stop buying from her. What did they have to say when you phoned municipal hall Mary?” Janie asked.
“You phoned municipal hall” Carl said looking at Steve stunned.
“I simply asked if there was anything that could be done to have her change the appearance of the house, an upgrade of some kind. But they said there wasn’t.”
“However Mary and I went down and were doing some research” Edith cut in.
Steve simply looked at his wife, not shocked but betrayed.
“What did this research led you to?” Steve asked
“Well we have found a simple and legal...