The Saving of Time

Four Percent, to students and teachers the difference between an “A” and an “A+”, but to the rest of the world, 4% means a whole lot more. Whether it represents the increase in taxes, the amount of impoverished, or the fluctuation in their stock, it all has significance to them and they would fight tooth and nail to stop it. So why not for Daylight Savings? According to Matthew Kotchen, 4% is how much Daylight Savings costs us each year (Source F). Despite its lack of prevalence in the economy, Daylight Savings serves only to impair the American economy and stand as a remembrance of World War II, though many more obsess over their loss of an hour of sleep. As such, Daylight Savings not only jeopardizes the economy, but the health of the American people and it’s standing in the international race for wealth and glory.
The thing that concerns Americans more than their money and their possessions is their health. Everyday warnings of smoking, drinking, and many more substances of abuse bombard the American people, but none are present for Daylight Savings. Anahad O’Conner writes in the New York Times that there are, “links between time change and increases in heart attacks, suicides, and accidents.” (Source E). To continue, it also causes, “restlessness, sleep disruption, and shorter sleep duration.” (Source E). If Daylight Savings causes so many health concerns, than why hasn’t it been evaluated in the same manner that all drugs and food products are put through? The American government owes it to their people, and themselves, to consider the correlation between Daylight Savings and these symptoms. To think, your uncle who’s suffering from sleep apnea and has to wear that ridiculous mask each night could be sleeping not only quietly, but also comfortably, and all because of Daylight Savings.
And if Daylight Savings isn’t responsible for your uncle’s respiratory issues, than what is? Stress? Anxiety? Today in America, there are plenty of thing that worry the...