The Safe Handling of Medicines Unit 2

Section 1 |

  (1)   What is the purpose of a prescription

The purpose of a prescription is to provide written instructions for the pharmacist to enable him to dispense medicines correctly. |

    (2)   Identify four different types of professionals who can legally write       prescriptions.
1) Dentist (Medicines relating to teeth or mouth)2) Optician (optometrists can prescribe medication for eye related conditions) 3) Doctors (Both hospital doctors and GPs)4) Nurses (some nurses can be independent prescribers within their competence) |

    (3) Identify all the information you would find on a prescription.
    * The prescribers name, surgery name and telephone number   * The prescribers role / position, and signature   * The date it was issued   * The service users full name and address   * The service users date of birth and if under 12 years old their age   * The generic name of the prescribed medicine   * The route in which the medicine is to be taken   * How much should be taken and how often   * If the medication is to be taken as required then it should specify the minimum dose interval. |

Isabel is a designated person at hop-wood house care home. She has received an order of medication from the pharmacy and needs to check the medication in. |

4) Explain the procedure that Isobel should follow and detail the information she should check.

a)The procedure she should follow:All medicines that are received within your place of work should be thoroughly checked and fully documented by the manager or a designated person as soon after receipt of the medication as possible. b)The information she should check:She should check that the medications names, quantities, strength of medication, and form of medication are the same as the names on the MAR chart(Medication administration record). And she should make sure the medication is labled with the exact name of the service user |

What information should she record once she as checked...