The Rord of Flies

Analyze extended written text

Topic: Analyze how the writer develops the personality of an important character for a particular purpose.

The novel Lord of the flies by William Golding conveys the writer’s purpose that there is an innate evil within human nature through the personality of the main character, Jack. His personality changes along the important events. Those are: election, hunting a sow, forming his own tribe against Ralph, killing Simon and Piggy and chasing to kill Ralph. The jealousy emotion enlarges and becomes a cruel savage without humanity.

William Golding uses Jack to convey his purpose that there is an inborn evil within human nature. The election for selecting leader of boys showed Jack’s innate evil that is jealous. He said with pure arrogance, “I ought to be a chief, because I’m chapter chorister and head boy. I can sing C sharp” This showed that Jack’s desire to be a head boy. However, Ralph is selected as a leader. From this moment, Jack felt jealousy to Ralph, because the inborn evil that human want to get other people’s attention and appreciating, so if someone interrupt or take the attention and appreciating, the human will be jealous. Jack’s desire that becomes a leader was failed by Ralph. The small jealous grew slightly from his mind. However, these two boy’s relationship was not extreme bad. The writer said, “Two boys smiled each other with shy liking.” Ralph appointed Jack as a head of hunter. Jack’s jealous becomes smaller through Ralph’s appreciating him. But, this jealous became larger due to innate evil.

Jack’s personality changed from tiny jealousy boy to violent boy with strong detesting toward Ralph. Jack was eager to hunt because he wanted to demonstrate that he is