The Roman Achievement. What Are Some of the More Significant Aspects of the Roman Achievement?

The Roman achievement. What are some of the more significant aspects of the Roman Achievement?

'The greatest empire the earth has ever known is more
than just a collection of facts and figures.
It represents both the glorious achievement and
at times contemptible behaviour of mankind.1'

Throughout this essay I will be assessing the Roman Achievement. Romans' have a significant influence on todays modern western society and around the globe. They are responsible for developing and evolving through a period of prosperity and wealth. This period is known as the Pax Romana. In a matter of just a few centuries , Rome had expanded from a small village in central Italy to the absolute dominant power of the entire peninsula. The Romans   conquered many countries and were one of the most advanced races in human history. They had a formidable zest for power and they became the Powerhouse of Europe. Most importantly perhaps , the Romans possessed a sense of invincibility. The Roman historian Livy   wrote: 'It is natural for Romans to win battles as for water to go downhill.' This feeling of invincibility may have stemmed from the roman belief, that the gods would support them completely as long as they performed the proper rituals. The romans essentially I feel brought a more civilised order to the western world. Creating Laws, Governments, infrastructure and spreading it throughout their empire.   The Roman empire and its civilization lasted for almost One thousand years. The Romans are known for the culture and customs which were a accumulated from conquered countries around them this is know as Romanization.
'Romanization describes the processes by which indigenous peoples incorporated into the empire acquired cultural attributes which made them Roman. Romans had no single unitary culture but rather absorbed traits from others not a one way passing of ideas and styles from roman to indigene but rather an exchange which led to the metro-politan mix of styles...