The Roles and Responsibilities of a Teacher

Assessment one: Essay: The Roles and Responsibilities of a Teacher
The role of the modern teacher has evolved considerably over time.   It is no longer commonplace for a teacher to simply scibe at the front of a classroom whilst students copy down text.   A teacher has a moral and statutory responsibility to their learners.   This essay will examine how safeguarding, equality and diversity and professional codes impact on the teacher.
Safeguarding is the process of protecting children and young people from abuse or harm.   The government introduced new legislation known as ‘Every Child Matters’ after the death of Victoria Climbia, a young girl who was neglected by her carers, and whose torture was not picked up by a number of different groups.   It is the teacher’s moral and statutory responsibility to ensure that conditions for ECM are met.   The five main areas that are incorporated into ECM are:
Be Healthy
Stay Safe
Enjoy and achieve
Make a positive contribution
Achieve economic well-being
It is important that the teacher understands these responsibilities and they are able to recognise any signs that may indicate a learner may be suffering harm or neglect.   If they are confided in(by the learner)   they must   go to the appropriate contact within their organisation to raise the issue.
Another role of the teacher is to be aware of the diverse needs of their students.   Reece & Walker state ‘not all individuals learn in the same manner, so that if a teacher talks to students some might benefit, but others might not.’   It is this diverse nature of learners that the teacher needs to account for and build in to their lesson plans.   This type of approach is known as the ‘andragogical model’ which has the learner at the centre influencing the choice of teaching methods used.   An example of this in the classroom I have used is short animated film clips which reinforce factual information delivered by powerpoint.  
Professional codes and national standards also impact...