The Role of Youth in Democracy in Nigeria

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|THE CHALLENGES FACING NIGERIA'S FOREIGN POLICY IN THE NEXT MILLENNIUM                                                                                                             |
|Ebenezer Okpokpo                                                                                                                                                                   |
|INTRODUCTION                                                                                                                                                                       |
|Since Nigeria became independent in 1960 its foreign policy, like that of most other countries, has witnessed successes and failures. The current debate on President Obasanjo’s   |
|list of Ambassadorial nominees sent to the Senate for approval provides Nigerian citizens with an opportunity to contribute to the debate on who should be nominated and why. I   |
|will leave relating to the "who and why" to observers more concerned with the internal political situation. My contribution will go beyond the internal debate concerning the     |
|disrespect of the "federal character" and the purported bias in these nominations. I will focus on the content and objectives of Nigerian foreign policy in the new millenium.     |
|In his article on Obasanjo’s foreign policy, Reubin Abati, gives an interesting and complete overview of Nigeria’s foreign policy since its independence (1). He rightly points   |
|out that Nigeria has been extraordinarily naive by restricting its foreign policy to Africa as its cornerstone. It was a laudable goal before the 1990s, but its...