The Role of the Regulatory Board -Ofsted

The Role of the Regulatory Body

The regulatory board in England is Ofstead, their main role to ensure that children receive the best possible care in any childcare setting that a child attends away from their home. The systems they have in place are too reassure parents, guardians and carers who have to be able to entrust their child to an organisation or individual to look after.

All home-based childcare providers (childminder’s) are required to register with the regulatory body of their country, in my case Ofstead for England however this varies within the UK.

Ofstead have strict regulations make that ensure that all home-based childcare providers follow the same structure of care, learning and development for children, which also apply to all other Early Years settings (nurseries, etc.).

In England this structure is called the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS - birth to five years old) which promotes children to learn through play; covers basic welfare requirements such as safeguarding children; making sure that people who care for children are suitable as well as the premises and equipment used; covers the learning and development requirements for children. It also promotes equality of opportunity for all children.

As part of their regulatory role, Ofstead visit all childcare settings including home-based childcare providers to observe the level of the service & care provided and produce a report. The report is composed based on the judgement of the highly trained inspector, which is marked against a specific criteria which looks at quality and strength of service and education provided within the relevant setting.

As a home-based childcare provider (childminder), upon my registration I will initially be inspected to check my suitability; and that my business premises (my home) is a safe and suitable place for children. After my initial inspection, I will be awarded a rating “satisfactory”, “good”, “excellent” etc. This acts as an...