The Role of Questioning and Criticism

The Role of Questioning and Criticism

What type of questions would you ask?
  1. How can I find out what was on the land before the community was built on it?
  2. How can I find out what type of supplies was used to build the houses?
  3. How can I find out if the pipes for sewage and water are new or old?

      Who would I talk to?
      I would first talk to the developers who designed the community houses, the construction company, and the people in the community that are falling ill. Also find out their symptoms and see if they match with other victims.

      What type of research would you conduct?
      I would speak to the experts who can   study the soil or the pipes to see if it could have anything to do with that.   I would have anything to do with that.   I would also speak to the person themselves to see if they noticed something that was out of place since moving into the community.   Have the water, and   the ground tested to see if any chemicals are in them.

      How can you overcome the obstacles to critical thinking?
      Work out the details of the problem before bringing it to the attention of someone in the community.   Also I could have someone give me their opinion of the results I found from testing and talking to people to see if they is really a problem, I would not want to go to the town with the information without it being solid proof.   If there is anything wrong with my solution to the problem I will make sure to make improvements to the ideas.   I will not put blame on anyone while doing the research; have a clear and open mind so that I can look at all the information without criticizing anyone.   I will also use the steps of critical thinking to evaluate the problem and issues.

      The strategies that I would have applied while investigating the problem would be problem solving, refining your solution to problems, making my ideas more effective and more...