The Role of Evidence Based Nursing Assessments and Their Application to Practice.

The Role of Evidence Based Nursing Assessment in and Their Application to Practice
        Evidence-based practice has become an essential instrument in the modern community nursing. In addition to patient’s preference and nurse’s clinical practice, the use of research evidence in nursing practice results to the improvement in health service delivery. However, some complications in nursing practice may emerge due to conflicting research evidence that may affect the nurse’s decision-making during their professional practice. By providing research evidence about various health conditions, the community nurses’ carry out evidence-based practice by understanding their causes, clinical manifestation, how they affect patients, and how to establish treatment strategies (Schoultz, 2012). This paper focuses on evidence-based nursing assessment of Crohn’s disease affecting males aged between 20-30 years while addressing nutrition as their specific health need.
        Many diseases result from the interaction of various factors that affects the current state of health among individuals and communities. These factors may be biological, psychosocial, socioeconomic, physical, and behavioral or a person’s individual characteristics. In socioeconomic determinants of health, people with higher social status and income are associated with better health and vice versa. Besides, psychosocial determinants, including better social support networks from communities, friends, and family members are related to better health. The physical environment such as safe water and clean water, safe roads, and safe houses all contribute to good health. Biological health determinants include genetics where some diseases may passed from parents to their offspring hence increasing the likelihood of children in developing certain illnesses. Moreover, individual behavioral characteristics such as smoking,feeding on the healthy balanced diet, exercises, and among others affect health. Gender...