The Role of Cosmetic Surgery in Korea Society

The role of cosmetic surgery in Korea society

In the past, cosmetic surgery was once thought to be the exclusive domain of celebrity. However, nowadays, ordinary people get simple procedures like double eyelid surgery, a nose job and botox all the time. Many prospective job-seekers turn to cosmetic surgery as a way of increasing their competitive edge. Some people develop an unhealthy obsession with their looks and choose to go under the knife many times.
Especially, this phenomenon is more serious in Korea. What is the role of cosmetic surgery in Korea society? In other words, what is the factor that makes Korean people have an obsession with cosmetic surgery?
I think that cosmetic surgery is essential course so that you can find a job in Korea. Although social critics worry that Korean society places too much emphasis on outward appearance, physical appearance is becoming even more important in today’s societies. Actually, according to the research performed by Incruit, Almost 94% of 584 HR manager said that they consider appearance as recruiting freshman. Making good-looking features an advantage in socialization and even increasing employment opportunities of both men and women.
Also cosmetic surgery makes you look like fine person, because Korean people tend to judge other person by appearance. For example, if you are fat, Korean people may guess that you are lazy and incompetent. In Korea society, Appearance means ability which the person has, and is the standard to judge person. therefore, cosmetic surgery has a role that makes each individual person look better by providing good appearance. This situation is very surprising but this is the real in Korea society.
Apart from any value judgement, recently, cosmetic surgery performs a role as emerging industry in Korea. The number of Chinese and Japanese visitors for cosmetic surgery is increasing year after year because Korean surgeons have latest skill and good operating machine, and the cost is...