The Role of Communication

Question 1

Write a paragraph in which you discuss the role of communication in creating a sustainable positive atmosphere in your classroom.  
Communication is the transmission of an idea by someone, the sender, and the understanding thereof by another, the receiver. Communication is important to the success of any relationship, without it the relationship is doomed to fail. In order to increase the quality of the relationship the communication needs to be effective. Effective communication between the educator and the learners In his/her class is essential in order to create and maintain a positive atmosphere in the classroom.

Write a paragraph in which you discuss the importance of establishing positive educator-learner relationships in the creation of a sustainable positive atmosphere in your classroom.  
 A positive educator-learner relationship is important as it enables both the educator and the learners to risk being honest with each other, care about each other, it promotes interdependence, ensures mutual needs are met and allows each individual to develop their own individuality. The creation of the above leads to trust between the educator and learners and as such will result in a positive classroom atmosphere.
Creating a good educator-learner relationship involves the following:
  *   Creating open, professionally appropriate dialogue with learners.
  * Systematically building better relationships with learners.
  * Maintaining a high rate of positive to negative statements.
  * Communicating high expectations.
  * Creating opportunities for personal discussion.

Guidelines that can be used to avoid the negative effects of educator expectations are as follows (Coetzee 2010:87):

  * Use sensitive information on learners carefully.
  * Be flexible in your use of group strategies.
  * Be careful how you respond to low-achieving learners during class discussions