The Road

How does your study of the road developed your understanding of human nature?

The study of the road has helped developed the understanding of human nature because of two reasons. One of them being the frailty of human morality, and the other being the way in which relationships form a moral compass. The Road is a very detailed and in some ways a realistic book at times. Although that the end of the world is not near and our society is still running and strong, if the world did come to an end, what happens in the road, would be likely to happen in our world. People would become more selfish to try and survive. Their relationships with others would be distant except to their close relatives. Human nature in our society today is far different to the human nature you find in The Road. Cormac McCarthy has created characters in this novel that are mostly evil and some that are good.

In this novel, the reader is presented with human morality. When the population of people and the world comes to an end, society is ruined and there is no longer laws. This causes people to be under extreme stress and they become more savage and selfish. This can suggest that human morals are not fundamental to our existence. Relating to our context, we have seen human morals collapse. In hurricane Katrina, when people lost there homes and they were starving for food, some of them began to steal from other people and shops. They didn’t worry about other people, they just wanted themselves to survive. Another example where we have seen human morals collapse, is the cannibalism in 1995 in North Korea which was caused by starvation. In the road, there are people who’s human morals collapse and their are others that still have there morals. An example of the people that do not have human morals are the people that start to eat other human beings and the thief that steals the man and the boys clothes on the beach towards the end of the novel. An example of people that still have their human...