The Rise of Hitler

The Rise of Hitler
Hitler’s introduction into politics was anything but glamorous; his march up the political ladder began in a small beer hall when he was and undercover police spy infiltrating the small party. Whilst spying on the party Hitler soon became attracted towards the parties anti-Semitic, nationalist, anti-capitalist and anti-Marxist ideas. He joined the party on the 12 of September 1919, this was a time of economic and political instability, and this paired with the proportional representation voting system allowed the party and Hitler to quickly establish itself within the government. It is in early 1921 that we begin to see Hitler’s keen ability in public speaking, one of his many skills which helped him climb to power; however there were other factors which assisted Hitler as this essay will discuss.
It is hugely debated by historians that Hitler brought himself and the Nazis to power through his own skills. There is no denying the fact that Hitler was highly skilled in the art of public speaking, as historian Gregor Strasser said:
“His words go like an arrow to their target”
His public speaking was evident as he would captivate a huge crowd some times estimated up to one hundred thousand plus. Hitler was extremely charismatic and gave out the overpowering sensation of self-belief; it was this self confidence that allowed people to believe that he was the man that would guide Germany through these times of hardship. There is no doubt that Hitler’s overpowering speeches won him the admiration of any Germans, however there are a lot of other factors that must be considered.
Along with his incredible speaking ability Hitler was able to take advantage of a variety of other factors; the most important of these factors were his promises. In his speeches Hitler highlighted his political aims but called them promises. His promises seemed to please everyone from the higher upper class to the lower classes of society; his promises are often...