The Rest of Us

Social Worker and Poverty
Tracy Collins
West Chester University

Social Worker and Poverty
“We react and respond to the poor as if they’re afflicted with some flesh-eating virus and highly contagious. We deny poverty because we are afraid-afraid that saying the word somehow puts us at risk" Smiley and West (2012), I agree with the writer that government look at poverty as a factors in one's life time. Over the years laws and laws was passed to deals with poverty in this country such as, in the year 1547, parliament passed the first Act to deal with the increasing rate of poverty epidemic. Then in 1930 President Franklin D. Roosevelt was known as the New Deal. Passed the law designed to help the poverty, during the Great Depression. This was to helps boost the economic and to influence black people to vote for him in the coming election year. Living in America waiting for that big dream to come thought in your life time. The writers states, a very important point when they mention "it's called the American Dream because you have to be asleep to believe it". What the media showed the world was an image of wishful dream. Over the decades, we all saw the increasing of severe poverty in other countries. What we had been teach by our grandparent and their before them, was if you worked hard you get ahead.
As a social worker how can you explained to a mother of five whose had worked all her life. That she cannot get food benefit just because she make one cent over the limb amount. What about the veterans returning home that he had to waited, one whole year before he receive social security to feed himself and family. According to Smiley and West (2012) "Poverty in the United States is a moral and social wound in the soul of our country. It is an ongoing disaster that threatens the health and well-being of our Nation"(p.7). This was a message from the Catholic Charities one of the largest networks that provided for the poor's. Every day on the media you can see...