The Raven

Le corbeau
We're at that time of the year when bad weather is bound to appear, bad things are made for this day and misery is forever attached to me because it's Lenore's day! I can feel the hurricanes, tornados and tropical depression flow through my veins, as it makes me remember her beautiful midnight black hair flowing over her shoulders, her eyes used to make the stars look like they're not shining, she was so beautiful my Lenore.
My heart cant take much more, the rain and thunder comes knocking at my door, and in my heart when it rains, it doesn't just rain, it pours. I hope none storm will hit this year, as the last one I witnessed, I still remember. Its been twenty years and the gift that I recieved from her gave me a much needed closure. The raven as for exactly twenty years ago flew into my room and my soul, wore on her beautiful spirit. It had and still has beautiful and   shining black fur,   round eyes filled with understanding and uttered the magic words ”nevermore”
First time I met this raven, I was lying in my bed a night like this, sad and painful for all that was worth living for I had lost to the unknown. I was deeply sunken into my thoughts when I suddenly heard an echo say nevermore. Whoever it was, I just wanted to be left alone in my bed lying in front of the big window that gave me a clear view of the gloomy town of old small houses, colorless and completely abandoned. at the edge of the bed,   I had a large dark and dusty shelf with a collection of my poems. Suddenly, I heard the echo again, this time with taps so I hurried up from my bed and gently opened the door, but there was no soul in sight. I began to whisper
- Hello is anyone there, Lenore?, Is that you?
It knocked again and this time harder than ever, the window, the knocking came from my window and I started to walk towards it. For some reason I opened the window without any fear of what was in store for me. I opened the window and a black raven flew in and sat above my shelf....