The Queen Essay

Discuss how both composers have used language, visual and/or dramatic techniques to communicate at least ONE theme or idea presented in each text
The theme of isolation have been studied through literature and various media, film, picture books, especially Marvel Comics now days to illustrate how complex the decision to be unique in your opinion or actions can be difficult to sustain or to act in that kind of isolation. This essay is going to discuss the problem of isolation in Stephen Freares’ “The Queen” and Shaun Tan’s “The Red Tree”. The opening scene the queen is showing her face where we can see the baring nature of her role as a queen, a private women who takes her public role with due seriousness. The whole story about the movie gravitates around the queen’s decision to not respond publicly to Diana’s tragic death although she needs to meet with Tony Blair to make a final decision whether to address the public or not, on this solemn occasion. She is unique and isolated in her opinion that Diana’s death does not constitute the state recognition upon her unfortunate death like other state dignitaries, since she does not belong to Royal family anymore. There are a lot of mid and close up shots when she’s isolated or feeling down.
In Freares’ movie Tony Blair is showing the audience that her power is slowly taken away, which unfortunately will cause her to be isolated and depressed. It seems that she no longer understands her people. Freares is portraying the Queen, Elizabeth II as being dictated by the people, as they cannot forget “the people’s Princess. A midshot has been used to show the negative facial expression and also the tone of her voice gets louder cause she wants to get her words across. She wears simple green clothing with a mid shot of the Queen showing us that the Queen is on her own, unique in her belief, the belief that existed in the Royal tradition for much longer than Diana was a Princess. At moments she is also on the verge of tears, but...