The Purpose of Supervision

Dawn Pond

Level 5 Diploma in Leadership in Health and Social Care
Unit 511 Develop professional supervision practice in Health and Social care.

Task 1.
The purpose of supervision is to assist the staff to fulfil the responsibilities and tasks in their post. In our organisation formal supervision will take place at least once in every four- six week period, additional supervision is offered if required. The supervision dates will be fixed in advance at a mutually agreed time and there should be no distractions which would include the switching off of mobile phones.   If a date needs to be changed, another one will be booked on agreement of time and date. The supervisor will take notes and record the items discussed and the actions agreed. These need to be signed by both parties and then the staff member will get a photocopy.
The agenda to our supervisions are feedback and review of previous supervision, caseload review, personal issues, staff training/development, absence monitoring, case recording review, all additional items will be jointly agreed.
Supervision must remain confidential unless there are implications for our organisation or personal issues are affecting work/client situations. In these incidents it may be necessary to have a three way meeting with the supervisor’s line manager.
Supervision records are legal documents and remain the property of our organisation so that senior management can examine on a regular basis.
The following underlying principles are the same for all forms of supervision and are used for my supervision in our organisation.
    • Be clear about why there is a need for supervision and who has asked for it.
    • Set a time frame for the supervision session
    • Protect the time and space where possible and appropriate.
    • Ensure that there is confidentiality
    • Think about the seating arrangement; how the chairs are arranged, and who sits where.
    • Be transparent about the extent to which the...