The Purpose of Schooling

There has always been some form of education throughout history, over the years however, education and schooling have advanced a great deal. The purpose of schooling is to steer the student in the right direction; the direction in which is right for said student. The goal of schooling is that hopefully when all is said and done, the student will have succeeded   in whatever he or she loves and is passionate about and goes on to make a better life for themselves; which could lead to great career, nice home, and a family, and being as happy as can be.
School is a place where people go to educate themselves, to learn academic skills and also social skills; overall school is a place to learn and to grow as an individual.
In high school it is stressed heavily to go to University or College, students learn at a young age and young grade that if you do not further your education, or finish high school for that matter the options of the student’s future will be very limited in what he or she will be able to do with their lives. One of the things heard over and over again is the example if you do not finish school you will end up working at a McDonalds for the rest of your life.
The purpose of high school is to teach students about what University or College will be like, and prepare the students for secondary schooling; all of the tests, exams and University preparation are to help the students become more prepared. Prepared for what an exam in University or College will be like, prepared for how to study, and how to manage time once in University or College.
The goal of high school is hopefully by the time the students have graduated he or she has a more clear idea   of what they would like to do after high school, and have somewhat of an idea of what they would like to get into once in University or College. The goal of high school is that by the end, the student is ready to leave the nest and be independent and grow up.
University and College have different...