The Purpose of Assessment

Name: Beebee Jayboonnessa NAYECK BUSAWON

  1 Describe, use and evaluate two different assessment activities used to check the learning of either individuals or a group of learners.
My first assessment activity was to write a paragraph on a topic sentence which is ‘water is essential’.   I informed my learners of the set criteria to be considered for attempting this written test.   It should be in 100 words and it was an assessment to be completed individually.   The set criteria were as follows:
Assessment Criteria | Mark 10 |
    Text focus and Organisation | 3 |
    Grammar | 2 |
    Creative use of language | 2 |
    Punctuation | 2 |
        Spelling | 1 |

I tested the writing skills of the learners while they used their thinking skills.   The set criteria were a guide for the learners to know how they would be assessed. Assessment criteria are vitally important in attempting to achieve reliability. All the language aspects were considered for the written test and the topic chosen was the concern of our everyday life. It reflected current issue.   It was chosen to make the learners experience real life situation which is important in language teaching.
The second activity was writing and reading assessment.   The writing activity was to respond to a form complaining about lost luggage and the reading assessment was to match each paraphrasing to a particular article dealing with photographers.
The writing activity was a real-life situation.   In language teaching real-life situation is an important element to consider as it is more functional and the learners are placed in authentic situation.   It aimed at assessing the communication skills in writing for a particular purpose as well as the language structure being   integrated in the same test.
The reading test was mostly to test the reading skills, more particularly, scanning and skimming skills.   Authentic reading matter was set to create interest and integration of thinking and reading skills...