The Pudsey Railway Was a Particularly Difficult Line to Build” to What Extent Is This View Confirmed by the Evidence You Have Studied?

Pudsey Railway

“The Pudsey Railway was a particularly difficult line to build” To what extent is this view confirmed by the evidence you have studied?

In this essay I will be writing about Pudsey railway and whether or not it was difficult to build. In this essay I will be considering the 4 Factors; Economic, Geographic Social and Political. For a quarter of a century Pudsey had to depend on stanningley for it railway accommodation until 1870 when a local committee was formed to make a new railwayline   that would go from lower Wortley and Farnley to Bradford via Pudsey. The reason why Pudsey needed a railway was that Pudsey was a growing town and was still getting bigger and the closest railway to Pudsey was Stanningley but even that was to distant to meet the requirements. Pudsey Railway was an 2.25 mile long track that was built and opened on the 1st of April 1878 but still had other tracks added on in the future.
One of the first political difficulties for build any railway is getting planning permission from the local council. This was quite hard for the Pudsey line as they had to purchase around 250 plots of land from around 32 owners which added greatly to the economic impact. After getting planning permission they then had to get someone to pay for all the building of this railway line. They were first refused by London and Northwest Railway Company because of the difficulties of crossing the tong valley which was the greatest difficulty in this line. They then went on to ask Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Company who accepted to build the railway.
One of the economic difficulties was that at first they were refused by London and Northwest Railway Company because they said it was too expensive this is because they had to buy land from around 32 owners which was very expensive it was approximately 250 plots of land. Another is that they had to purchase 4-5 acres of land to buy for lowtown station and they had to purchase Park spring quarry which...