The Public Service Manager

Nottingham Business School

Professional Certificate in Public Services

The Public Service Manager

Module 1

Assignment 1

Mark Dooley

Kirsten Greenhalgh

30th January 2010

  Word Count Part A ….2,978
                    Part B….700

Executive Summary

This report aims to highlight my current management role and responsibilities as a Watch Manager in the Nottinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service . It covers my main role as the Manager of White Watch at Ashfield Fire Station and the broader role I have in managing the fire station when I am on duty.

I have highlighted the key management challenges that I expect to face in the coming months, both in terms of changes of personnel, procurement of new equipment, and trying to implement changes to procedures and policy.
The report highlights my management styles and approach that I use in carrying out my role and comments on the differing styles which I use in relation to the tasks I am performing.

In covering my management strengths and weaknesses I have highlighted areas for further development. This is covered by my recommendations and forms the basis of a SMART action plan.


  1. Introduction

  2. Management role and responsibility

  3. Management Challenges

  4. Management Style and Approach

  5. Strengths and Weaknesses of my management style and approaches

  6. Aspects of my management style and approach I wish to improve

  7. Conclusions

  8. Recommendations to improving management effectiveness

  9. SMART Action Plan

  10. References

  11. Part B

      12.1 Appendix

1. Introduction

The aim and objective of this report is to establish the appropriate theory’s which relate to my overall management style and approaches and the key management challenges which I face day to day. I have also set the scene by briefly outlining my management role and responsibilities.

The report covers the...