The Public Authority for Investment and Promotion and Export Development

Question 1
a) The Public Authority for investment and promotion and Export Development
The public authority for investment and promotion and export development (PAIPED) established in January 1997. Firstly, it was known as the Oman center for investment promotion and export development (OCIPED). PAIPED has lately been changed the name to government run authority by Royal Decree number 52/2011 issued on the 27th March 2011. Their main aim for this authority is to help investments in Oman and to develop exports of products and services of Oman. They works hardly to ensure that Oman’s   competitiveness as the best place to conduct business.
-   Give the right for individuals to choose in commercial transitions.
- Give them the freedom to compete.
- protect their personal and property rights.
- Flexibility in the exchange of goods.
Investment Promotion:
These are some regulations which   provided by the Directorate General of Investment Promotion:
- giving information on what is going in the business, rules and new projects information.
- organizing programs for foreign investments.
- helping the investors to get government approvals and help them to get funds also from banks or even from government.
- reviewing the proposals that prepared by investors and give them a wise advises of what they could do for their investment.
- organizing local programs to encourage private sector initiatives for investment promotions.
Export Development
Some of rules which   provided by the Directorate General of Export Development to the Omani Industries:
- market information is provided to exporters.
- providing Omani information companies to importers.
- Providing assistance to exporters through PAIPED and its representatives.
- Partaking and forming trade delegation abroad.
- Increasing Internet based trade information file.
b) The Capital Market Authority
According to the growth over the past 2 decades of stable growth in Muscat...