The Proposal Gives Some Information on Ghana as a Tourist Country, the Problem Statement, the Aims of the Research, the Significance and Objective of the Research and the Limitations of the Research.

1. Introduction
The proposal gives some information on Ghana as a tourist country, the problem statement, the aims of the research, the significance and objective of the research and the limitations of the research.
1.1 Background
Formerly known as the “Gold Coast” of Africa, Ghana lies along the Gulf of Guinea in West Africa. Its rich history, remarkable culture, and friendly people make this tropical country a favorite destination for various international tourists. Globally, there is now a demand for better quality products when it comes to tourism. Ghana, as a country, has many breathtaking tourist attractions as a result of its natural resource endowments, and also rich cultural heritage.
The historical sites, including 42 forts and castles dotted along its coastline dating back to the 15th century, cultural monuments, craft villages, beautiful nature parks and gardens, and sandy beaches are among the interesting features that make it a unique destination for the international tourists desiring an eventful trip to Africa.
Undoubtedly, one of the most attractive aspects of Ghana’s ethno-tourism is the colorful and vibrant cultural events and traditional festivities. The country also boasts of one of the few canopy rope-walks in the world. The Kakum National Park has a canopy walkway for obtaining a panoramic view of a tropical rainforest, elephants, monkeys and other tropical species. Also spread all over the country is unique attractions for the tourist.
However, like many other African countries, Ghana has not realized the full benefits that can accrue, or be derived from these attractions. It is important to note that tourism is deemed one of the promising sectors of the national economy. Currently, the tourism industry ranks third, after gold and cocoa among the nation’s top foreign exchange earners. Even though visitor numbers have been increasing significantly in recent years, it is believed that this is only the tip of the iceberg and that the...