The Products of Coal Briquetting Machine Have Great Advantage and Strength

Coal Briquette Plant can make full use of coal dust.It is popular in Mining & Matallurgy industry. The coal briquetting machine consists of coal crusher, double shaft mixer(pug mill),feeding machine, rollers type briquetting machine etc. During the briquetting production process, the coal fines required less than 3mm fines.The rollers type of coal briquetting machine is the key equipment of the coal briquette plant. If your material size is less than 3mm, you can also use the briquetting machine directly for testing.The final briquettes' shape & size is adjustable. We can design the briquette mould based on your demand.

Charcoal briquettes made by our coal briquetting machine are also called machine-made charcoal, is one of the hot fuel sources in the market now. In fact, machine-made charcoal briquettes can also be called reproduced charcoal, since they are made from the vast range of biomass waste. They are extruded by the coal briquetting machine first from powdery biomass, and then carbonized in a sealed furnace to form charcoal briquettes. You can learn more about how to make charcoal briquettes. The growing need for fuel and industries are moving forward to alternative sources for their all energy and power needs. Apart from this, the rising costs and pollution through using them are the major cognition for the requirement of alternative energy generating fuel. There are many ways for energy generation like solar energy, wind and wave power and geothermal energy. But these ways are costlier than this coal briquetting machine. By installing briquetting plants in India and other countries, it has made an exclusive image of it. All the Briquetting equipment’s, devices, machines are brought to the market only after passing them through strict quality tests.
The coal briquetting machine is mainly used for pressing materials with low water content such as all kinds of coal briquette, ore powder and refractory. Fote coal briquetting machine is a new type...