The Production of Christmas Tree Using Local Plantain Plant in Ceramics


          Christmas is thought by most people to be a wonderful time, focusing participants on giving, family togetherness, and beautiful music and decorations, feasting on special foods and singing Christmas carols; All of these supposedly centered on the worship of Christ. Christmas tree has been one of the major features for celebrating Christmas. Varieties of Christmas trees have over the years been used. Inspite of the widespread use of Christmas trees and its variations in design, there appears to be none with local Nigerian content. Therefore the researcher intends to embark on studio design and production of Christmas trees focusing on plantain plants as the derivative. The work will be in ceramics. The objectives of this research are to enable people access to similar but affordable products to decorate their homes and offices during Christmas, create new business opportunities to entrepreneurs as well as job opportunities to people, and to help Nigeria cut down cost on Christmas tree importation. The methodology for developing this project will be studio experimentation, therefore freehand sketching will be done before the models are made in clay and there after fired to 12500C. Materials will be sourced through secondary sources. The finished works will display at the University of Uyo Arts shop and the Department of Fine and Industrial Arts gallery.

      Asuquo, Comfort Edo




      The need for most homes, offices, towns, and cities to celebrate Christmas festivals with Christmas trees cannot be over emphasized. The major focus of this work will be the introduction of and the adaptation of plantain plant to the production of ceramics Christmas trees.

      This research will therefore be undertaken to find out the possibility of using ceramic plantain suckers as the basic forms for the production of Christmas...