The Problems and Difficulties Experienced by Young Men or Women Leaving Prison.

The problems and difficulties experienced by young men or women leaving prison.


When an offender leaves a prison facility after fulfilling their sentence, they believe that their debt to society has been paid and they are now able to get back to their life before they were incarcerated, however what they may be unaware of is how difficult this can be to achieve. In this essay I will explore and discuss the difficulties experienced by young men or women leaving prison. Difficulties such as, employment; many employers are reluctant to employ individuals with a criminal record for many reasons such as a fear of re-offending. other difficulties individuals may face are things a simple as rediscovering their role in society, after being branded a criminal by society, it may be difficult to detach from that label and find a more up to date and less judgemental one. There are many other factors to consider when looking at difficulties young individuals face when leaving prison, however in this essay I will be primarily focusing on their struggle to find employment and why it is such a crucial part of their reintegration into society, furthermore I will explore why reintegration itself is a vital part of an ex-offender's’ rehabilitation. To discuss how I would explore this topic, I would focus my research on answering the following question, Do young men and women face difficulties when seeking employment after being released from prison?

When researching and exploring a subject such as this, it is easy to view its ontological approach from a realists point of view. A realists perspective can be defined as having the view that ‘the social world, like the natural world, is seen as having properties that can be measured, and as having structures and relationships that are fairly consistent and stable. Denscombe, M (2010). This is directly relatable as there are many statistics available that represent the...