The Privacy of Celebrity

Do you know the argument of Tablo`s degree fabrication? Netizens suspected his degree. But the controversy of his degree turned out to be true. Tablo and his family were really hurt by this event. Don`t celebrities have the right to keep their own privacy? Indeed, should their privacy be opened to the public?
First, we talk about the definition of celebrity. The definition of celebrity is that someone is famous in specialized fields including entertainment, politics and any other professionals. In these days, The privacy of celebrities is on the rise. Much privacy of celebrities is exposed to the public. Especially, this social phenomenon has become critical in Korean society. I think the privacy of celebrities should be protected.
In my opinion, public person is an individual before celebrity. He or she is someone`s child, parents and honey. These people perform many roles as well as their public works. Perhaps we see only one side of their aspects.
Of course, Celebrities have to need public `s attention. But is unconditional attention good for them? No, I don`t think so. I think too much is as bad as too little. They may feel overwhelmed by excessive attention. Then, is this affection not just a pure thing?
Finally, privacy of celebrities is not being protected in Korean society. I suggest that Korean netizens hardly respect celebrities. Netizens dig up in detail without hesitation their personal information. They say that under the reason they love celebrities, they do that sort of thing. But, this is a conflicting speech. Although they think it is right because it comes from a pure affection, if the other party doesn`t think so, it is not right.
I just mean as celebrities are public people, there are not guarantees that their privacy needn`t be ensured. This is not to say that the privacy of celebrities should be veiled. I just insist their privacy be ensured and opened in particular range. Lastly I want to tell Korean netizens “your affection makes...