The Prince Turns Into a Pauper

By rajaNaidu

Through the space into the sky with the earthly clouds around us, I felt as if I am

getting ready to land. We were travelling from Chennai to Andaman. It was my first

air travel. We were at a very high level, the clouds were underneath right down

floating, the sun sparkled on our glass and slowly our plane headed downwards. We

were excited. I said,” Awesome! The floating clouds are looking like a heap of snow.’’

My brother said, “Vow! See look down the islands are visible, this is the most

beautiful thing I have ever see.’’ The flight was landing in Port Blair. I held the

handle of the seat tightly and I felt as if my heart went to the bottom of my tummy.

The plane stopped. Then the air hostess welcomed us to Andaman at the aerodrome.

I stepped down, the first step, I felt I was Neil Armstrong, landing on the moon, so

what even though its not 1969, as if my arrival was a landslide victory for humanity

and civilization. I felt elated. The dew on the little grass and the fresh breathing air

aside made me feel pleasant as if Andaman was waiting for me. As soon as we

reached the gate, many people gathered around us, asking either to stay in their

hotel or avail their services for the touring or use their taxi or transport. I felt very

important. At that moment I felt that I was the princess who was walking on a red

carpet with roses spread on it. We collected our luggage and set into the taxi. On

our way to hotel, there was a drizzle as if a lovely music was being harmed by nature.

With every drop of rain, the leaves shook and vibrated as if they were dancing with

joy on my arrival to Andaman. All the markets were decked up decorative lights and

beautiful posters were hung everywhere to welcome the tourists in the Andaman

Festival. Hotels dished out plenty of choices to celebrate this festival. All the DJ’s

were busy with the rocking musical party by...