The Price Worth the Prize

The Price was worth the Prize.

  Katniss Everdeen as many of us know was someone who gave up her chance of surviving in order to save her sister. Now we know that it wasn’t all in vain, since she survived and was able to change the hunger games into something completely different, however not necessarily for the best. Katniss gave up the minuscule amount of comfort and freedom that she had in order to save another life, that one being her sisters. I can most definitely relate to what she was thinking and would applaud the way she thought. Since her actions are some that if needed to be made I wouldn’t hesitate to do myself.
  Yet there is a certain extent to which I personally wouldn’t do something. I for one would never give up my soul for fame. For example there is a worldwide pandemic for the need of wanting to be famous or well known. For some apparent reason our fellow homo sapiens think that fame equals happiness, prosperity and satisfaction. However from evidence shown throughout history, we can infer that fame doesn’t bring constant years of happiness nor satisfaction and privacy is out the door as well. I believe that I am valuable enough to not give myself up for something so materialistic.   On the other hand I would willingly give my life for that of my brother, mother, father or any other loved family member.
Family means everything to me compared with the rest of the world. Which is the reason why I would put Katniss on a pedestal. There is a very meaningful quote that I believe most should listen to, this being “Never let success get to your head. Never let failure get to your heart.” [Unknown]. That quote by itself holds so many scenarios and a million words portrayed in simply 14. I believe that you must enjoy what you have and hold it dearly, because you never know when change will come. For example referring back to Katniss, she never allowed the fame acquired from saving herself along with peter to ever affect her values. After the games...